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You park it,
we paint it.

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Our Process

This is our step-by-step process we use to ensure the best custom painting of construction equipment every time:

Cleaning and Degreasing

First, we thoroughly clean and degrease your equipment using special chemicals and abrasion techniques. This step ensures that the surface is free from dirt and grease, allowing the paint to adhere properly.

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Repairing and Preparing the Surface

Next, we take care of any dings, scrapes, or rust on your equipment by using sandblasting and bodywork techniques. This helps us achieve a smooth and flawless surface for the paint application.

Feather edging and Smoothing

Our skilled team then carefully featheredges and smooths the bodywork to eliminate any imperfections, ensuring a seamless finish.

Applying High Build Primer

We apply two coats of high build primer to protect the surface and enhance the paint's durability. This primer also helps to achieve an even paint distribution.


Final Sanding

After the high build primer has set, we perform a final sanding to refine the surface further, creating the perfect canvas for the paint.

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Precise Paint Application

Using the best hard-finish products and application methods tailored to your equipment's needs, we apply the paint to achieve a high-quality and long-lasting finish.

Gord did an outstanding job on my Bobcat.
Throughout my career, I have gone to many auto body painters, and none came close to what Gord can do. 

Susan L

Dunnville, ON

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