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It all started at the ripe old age of 13, I found myself knee-deep in grease, helping my Pops fix and paint cars in our backyard shop before I was legally allowed to drive the cars I was fixing. Armed with my trusty detailing skills, I made those cars shine like diamonds, leaving no glass or tire dull on my watch.


Fast forward a few years, and I got my collision technician certificate from Mohawk College. And ever since then, I've been rocking the paint game like nobody's business.


Soon, my neighbours couldn't resist asking me to paint their Bobcats and excavators. Then one day, a close friend's request sparked the birth of Christie's Custom Coatings.


But you know what truly drives me? It's the before-and-after moments when these machines come through my shop. Witnessing their incredible transformations fills me with pure joy and excitement – that's what makes this journey so special.

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Gettin' er done

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